Fees 2019/2020

Fees are billed as follows:

  • 12 x Months; or
  • 1 x Annual payment

Fees are paid in advance before or on the 26th of every month.

Fees must not be paid in later than the 3rd of every month – a fine R250 will be added to your account for late payments after the 3rd.

Please note that if your child should leave during October or November, school fees up to December will still apply.

Supplemental fees payable upon presentation in advance.
(PACE Books, diagnostic tests, school photos, magazines, materials for class & classroom, socio-cultural development activities, outings, etc.)

Payment Options 2019 2020
HALF DAY (8am to 2pm)
Over 12 payments R3200 R3400
Annual payment by 31 January 2019 R35200 R37400
FULL DAY (8am to 5pm)
Over 12 payments R3700 R3900
Annual payment by 31 January 2019 R40700 R42900

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information, fees may be subject to change before Jan 2020.

School Enrolment Administration Fee + AEE Registration :
R2,500 per child. If your child is already registered with AEE, administration fee will be R1,000.

Paces – Monthly :
Approximately R420 per month (72 Paces at +/- R70 = R5,040 per year).

Diagnostic Test per child (if applicable) : R240 (electronic diagnostic free of charge).
Optional Daily Tutor Fees for Home-Schooled Learners only (per child): R250 per day.

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