School Policy and Procedure

Standard Code of Conduct

  1. Coram Deo Christian Academy class hours start from 08h00 and end at 14h00, Monday to Friday. Students are required to be at school no later than 07h55 and may only leave early if previous arrangements have been made in writing.  Afterschool hours until 17h30.
  2. Students must respect the teachers.
  3. Students must be properly attired while in the school premises. Slippers and short pants are not allowed in classroom and at school premises.
  4. Mobile phones and other electronic devices (other than AEE tablets used for school work) is not permitted on the school premises.  Should a student or parent need to communicate with each other, please contact the principal to relay messages.
  5. All students must ensure, as part of their responsibility to the school, that their classroom is always neat and tidy with tables and chairs properly arranged before they leave the school for the day.
  6. All students must take good care of the school property, such as chairs, tables, whiteboards, all teaching aids / equipment, etc. Any of the facilities that has been vandalized, the student concerned will have to compensate for it accordingly.
  7. To be punctual for all school activities
  8. To respect the person, dignity and property of other learners.
  9. To refrain from interfering with the school property, e.g. fire hydrants, equipment etc.
  10. To refrain from vandalizing desks, walls etc.
  11. To refrain from littering
  12. Toilets, change rooms, learning centres and classrooms to be kept clean and tidy
  13. Water must be conserved.
  14. To greet and respect all members of staff and other adults.
  15. To refrain from any games or playground activities that could be harmful to others.
  16. To refrain from any form of substance abuse.
  17. No learner may leave the school grounds without special permission from a staff member during school.
  18. All absentee notes are to be handed to the supervisor on return from a period of absence from the school.
  19. Learners may not use the phone without permission from the office. A staff member may phone on behalf of the learner should circumstances require it.
  20. The rights and privacy of each learner must be respected at all times.
  21. The following are considered serious misdemeanors:
    • Malicious damage to property.
    • Any form of graffiti.
    • Verbal, emotional and physical abuse.
    • Possession or distributing of pornographic material.
    • Possession or distributing of occult material.
    • Intimidation or initiation of others.
    • Possession of distribution of alcoholic substances.
    • Possession of knives, firearms, or any other dangerous weapon or object.
    • Possession, using or selling or purchasing drugs and cigarettes.
    • Sexual harassment of another person.
    • Any act of public indecency.
    • Lying.
    • Theft.
    • Cheating in an exam or test.
    • Dishonesty or cheating in school work.
    • Engaging in activities which threaten, disruptive or frustrate teaching or learning.


Students may be suspended for following reasons – Violating Rules and Regulations for example: fighting in school premises, threatening staff or other students, racially aggravated offense, abusing toward staff. The suspension may lead to expulsion from School.



  1. Hair should be neatly trimmed, groomed and cut conservatively, neatly tapered.
  2. No spikes, No use of gel (wet look), no pony tails, “Mohawks”, Afro’s or patterns.
  3. Steps must not touch the ears or the collar, and above the eyebrows, must be straight at the back.
  4. Hair must be neat at all times.
  5. No hair colorants, dying, bleaching or highlights. No punk styles or braids (cornrows).
  6. Students should be clean shaven. No moustaches’ or beards
  7. No earrings, toe rings, nose rings bracelets, chains or any other kind of jewelry.
  8. No stick on tattoos allowed.


  1. Hair is not to be in the eyes, must be pinned back.
  2. No spikes, No use of gel (wet look), No colorants, dying, bleaching or highlights.
  3. Long hair (touching the shirt collar) must be tied up. No “messy” hair styles.
  4. Sleepers (small plain gold/ silver earrings, single pair), studs. No chains, no rings (purity and signet rings are allowed), no toe rings, no bangles or bracelets.
  5. No eye-colours, no blusher, no lipstick or lip gloss, no mascara, eyeliners, nail varnish, artificial gel or built up nails. Clear nail varnish may be worn. Nails may not extend over the tip of the fingers when hands are held palms up.

Payment Policy

  • Supplemental fees payable upon presentation in advance
    (PACE books, diagnostic tests, school photos, magazines, materials for class & classroom, socio-cultural development activities, outings, etc.)
  • Fees payment options :
    • 12 months
    • 1 yearly payment
  • Fees are paid in advance before or on the 26th of every month
  • Fees must not be paid in later than the 3rd of every month – a fine R250 will be added to your account for late payments after the 3rd
  • Please note that if your child should leave during October or November, school fees up to December will still apply


Birthdays is a big occasion at our school and we gladly share in your joy. Every parent is responsible for their own child’s celebration at school and you are also welcome to join them at 10:00.

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