What We Offer

You get a Christian team of professionals who are committed to supporting all your educational needs.

We assist parents in registering as home school providers, giving them advice in how to prepare and liaising with the Department of Education on their behalf.

Tutoring for Home School Learners.  We assist parents who have registered to home school their children through AEE.  Students receive individual attention where each can be mentored to grow into confident learners.  Parents get regular detailed feedback on progress of students by qualified tutors.

Due to the individualised approach of the A.C.E. which places emphasis on the learner learning rather than the teacher teaching, the materials are easily implemented in a homeschool environment.

From preschool to Grade 12, each learner discovers how to set goals and meet deadlines, allowing him/her to experience a sense of accomplishment daily. The programmes is designed to help learners develop critical thinking skills and to think creatively and independently. Through daily personal attention your child will develop in character, academic competency and self-discipline.

After School Extra Classes are available for parents who have children enrolled at other ACE Schools where individuals need more focussed attention and help with their homework.  If your child does not reach his/her daily page targets we can help to improve it and also assist in completing homework assignments. These classes are available at an hourly rate after school.


Positive socialization is one of the best reasons to homeschool your children.  Socialization prepare children for the real world, learning to interact and deal with people of all ages, races, and backgrounds. That is why we include activities where home school children can mingle and mix with friends who have the same needs in terms of socialization. We provide Extramural Programmes which include Geotagging Family Challenges, Worm Farms and much more. Student Excursions will also be part of our programmes where we will visit places like the Kloofendal Nature Reserve to learn more about nature, etc.

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