Welcome to Coram Deo

Register for 2021! We are available during LOCKDOWN and continuing schooling as per normal. Our outstanding international syllabus allows our students to be able to school from home and not lose precious time during lockdown. Our skilled teachers assist students daily during class sessions.

New Grade 1 to Grade 7 students adapt well to the AEE Syllabus and learn from an early age to set and achieve goals.

New students in Grades 8 to 10 who are already familiar with the AEE Syllabus can be accommodated and progress cards from transferring AEE schools will be requested.

From early childhood development right through to matric, tertiary and vocational levels, we strive to accelerate every individual to reach their full potential.

Understanding that every mind works differently, we use a variety of learning approaches and training methods that help young minds to perform at their best. This means a tailored and individualised learning approach that instills values, morals and character traits that foster academic excellence. We represent comprehensive education without the learning gaps and barriers that often come with a mainstream approach to education.

No matter what your learners require, we have the solutions for you.


Online Classes

Schedules will be as follows:

  • 08h30 – Devotion
  • 09h00 to 12h00 – Group Classes for Junior Class, Intermediate Class and Senior Class
    • During these classes the teachers will assist students in a group as if they are physically at school.
    • Scoring of PACE work and Tests will also take place during this time.

12h00 to 15h30 – After hours one-on-one classes can be scheduled with the relevant teacher of the class.

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